Ear Candling $75
This ancient therapy has been used for centuries to heal and purify oneself through the ear canal. In today's busy work world, never before has such an ancient technique been more useful. Clear out these essential passages and help release earwax, buildup and debris from the ear canal. Designed to stimulate the peripheral lymph system, ear candling uses fire and the natural vacuum the cone creates to clear out toxins and promote wellness. The heat spreads over the acupressure points in and around the ear, which naturally extend throughout the body. The radiation emitted from the flame is also traditionally believed to stimulate chi energy throughout the body and promote alignment and balance within the body.
Sea Salt Glow 30 min $100 / 60 min $120
A customized blend of aroma essential oils and fine sea salt is the secret behind this invigorating exfoliation treatment. A gentle soothing rain massage of a Vichy shower adds a tranquil feeling of relaxation.
Nourishing Seaweed Wrap 60 min $160
Eliminates toxins as a balanced mixture of seaweed gel and ocean minerals are applied all over your body. The luscious thermal wrap allows the absorption of nutrients, cleanses skin and improves circulation.
Detoxifying Mud Wrap 60 min $160
Micronized sea algae provides the body with potent essential minerals and imparts a unique sensation of relaxation and harmony, finishing with a Vichy shower.
Anti Cellulite 60 min $170