Chair Massage 10 min $16 / 15 min $24 / 20 min $32
Butterfly Spa Massage 60 min $100 / 90 min $140
A signature massage customized to meet individual needs. Deeply relaxes tense muscles and pains.
Aromatherapy Massage 60 min $110 / 90 min $150
A unique experience with the natural benefits of essential oils derived from plants and flowers. Aromatherapy helps restore the balance of mind and body.
Deep Tissue Massage 60 min $130 / 90 min $170
Deep, firm pressure and slow strokes stimulate blood flow to contracted areas and relieves knotted muscles that are unable to fully release on their own; ideal for severe or chronic muscle tightness. Therapist will address specific areas of concern and tailor the massage to your needs.
Shiatsu Massage 60 min $120 / 90 min $160
A massaging technique involving pressure applied along the energy meridians and acupressure points of the body in order to unblock and balance the body's energy and promote balance.
Warm Stone Massage 60 min $120 / 90 min $160
A traditional therapeutic massage that combines heated basalt lava stones on the full body. The heat penetrates deep into the massage releasing tension and stress.
Reflexology 30 min $60 / 60 min $100
Pressure massage of the feet's reflex points that corresponds to the body's organs and glands to restore the flow of energy through the body.
Prenatal Massage 60 min $130 / 90 min $170
A softly aromatic and soothing massage for the expectant mother. The focus is on the lower back and leg to improve circulation and relax the body and mind.