Rejuvenate and resurface your skin through this gentle but extremely effective particle skin exfoliation. Ultra fine crystals exfoliate to smooth rough skin, reduce fine lines and enlarged pores, improve scarring and diminish pigmentation. A light suction removes the exfoliated skin cells, excess oil, and other daily build-up on the skin's surface. Your skin will be refreshed and glowing with improved circulation which promotes healthy, youthful skin. Optimum results occur in series of 6 to 10 treatments. Everyone's skin reacts differently to the treatment; some skin may initially appear pink or reddish spots which will subside within few hours. Most discoloration is due to capillary congestion, not inflammation.
Ultimate Resurfacing $ 180
Combined with a biological exfoliating mask and a post-treatment soothing mask.
Local Resurfacing Back Back $110
Local Resurfacing Upper Arms Upper Arms $80
Local Resurfacing Hands Hands $70
Photofacial Rejuvenation 70 min $150
Look younger and have clearer skin with this gentle treatment using LED (light-emitting diode) therapy. LED has become a significant and useful aesthetic treatment courtesy of ground breaking research from NASA. NASA's space program has proven that LED light promotes wound healing and human tissue growth.
Photofacial Benefits
LED's low intensity light frequencies boost collagen creating plumper, younger-looking skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It even improves discoloration and uneven skin tone. Photofacial is also perfect for acne treatment by killing skin's acne causing bacteria and shrinking enlarged pores which helps lay the foundation for clearer skin.

Photofacials are safe, non-invasive and non-thermal, popular skin treatment. For optimum results occur in series of 6 treatments scheduled one-to-two weeks apart. After that, just once every month or two months is all you need for optimum maintenance.
Micro Ultimate Resurfacing & Photofacial Combo COMBINATION TREAT! $280 (reg $330)
Save with our Combination Treat! Treat your skin for the ultimate pampering.
*Both treatments must be for the same client.
BUTTERFLY SERIES Frequent User Series 20% Savings!
Optimum results for Microdemabrasion or Photofacial occur in series of 6 ore more treatments. Take advantage of our Butterfly Series! Save 20% on a Series of 5 or more Photofacial or Microdemabrasion.