Classic Manicure $16
Uses a smoothing cream with a nail hardener leaving your hands smooth and restored.
Children Mani 6 years or under $10
Gentleman's Classic Manicure $16
Well-groomed hands for the perfectly polished presentation!
Non-Toxic Manicure $25
A classic manicure using a popular "10-free" non toxic nail polish along with top and base boat. Suitable for everyone especially popular among expectant mothers and children.
Keratin Glove Manicure $31
Treat your nails, cuticles and skin with our delicately fragranced aroma cream manicure using antiseptic Keratin emulsion gloves. The emulsion will hydrate your skin, strengthen the nails and soften the cuticles. It is formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients derived from renewable sources and avoids the use of acetone.Your skin will emerge miraculously silky, healthy and smooth.
Butterfly Signature Manicure $45
An extension of our essential classic manicure, adding a cream to smooth and hydrate dry rough skin. Hands are then folded into warm paraffin for intense moisturizing.
kai spa manicure & kai spa pedicure $40/$84
Spoil your hands and feet with our exotic kai spa manicure and pedicure treatments and let the light, intoxicating scent soothe your skin. Begin with our refreshing soak followed by the kai scrub that will gently exfoliate and soothe your skin. Our callus removal treatment will attack your roughest spots. A therapeutic massage with the renowned aromatic kai lotion is a perfect companion for relaxation and hydration. Crafted with nutrient-rich ingredients and beneficial antioxidants, you will be captivated by the irresistible aroma and healthy, glowing skin. (Pedicure treatment includes 10 minute foot massage)
Color Gel Manicure/Color Gel Pedicure uses Gel Lacquer $46 / $75
Perfect for your extended vacation getaway and perfect for the busy professional woman or mom - or for any occasion that demands long lasting color. Color is polished on like nail lacquer then UV-cured for long lasting color for up to 10 days! Easy removal and ideal for shorter natural nails.
Color Gel French add-on + $10
Color Gel Soak-Off $15
French Manicure/ Buff Manicure $21
Glue/Gel Manicure $45
Fill-in with a gel formulated manicure for artifcial nails.
Silk Wrap/Tip Set $95
Extension $110
Fill-in $65
French Tip Set $100
UV Gel Single Color / Fill-in $120 / $85
UV Gel Permanent French / Fill-in $130 / $90
UV Soak-Off only $25
Children Pedi 6 years or under $30
Foot Massage add-on 10 min $21 / 15 min $31 / 20 min $41 / 30 min $61
10-30 minute foot massage is an add-on service to any pedicure service. It cannot be booked as a stand-alone service.
Classic Pedicure $37
Our signature cooling blue jelly pool soak with exfoliation, massage and polish to an all the way perfection!
Gentleman's Classic Pedicure $36
Top off your presentation with our signature cooling blue jelly pool soak with exfoliation, massage and polish which will leave you feeling refreshed.
Non -Toxic Pedicure $45
A classic pedicure using a popular "10-free" non toxic nail polish along with top and base boat. Suitable for everyone especially among expectant mothers and children.
French Pedicure/ Buff Pedicure $44
Sea Salt Pedicure $59
Treat yourself to the ultimate mineral scrub pedicure. Gentle exfoliation of legs and feet with our theraputic dead sea salt will leave skin with a radiant glow. Top it off with a relaxing foot massage with a hydrating cream.(10 min foot massage)
Refreshing Spa Pedicure $72
Rose soak and scrub starts the renewal process followed by an AHA callus removal treatment that's guaranteed to smooth even the roughest spots. Then relax while a hydrating cream with extra foot massage does its work. It will leave you feeling relaxed and your feet refreshed.
(Callus removal treatment & 10 min foot massage)
Butterfly Signature Spa Pedicure $80
Indulge in a soak and exfoliation of dry, rough skin with lavender and sugar scrub. Lower legs and feet are then massaged with lavender oil before feet are tucked in warm paraffin for over-the top moisturizing followed with a beautiful polish.
(Callus removal treatment & 15min foot massage)
Green Tea Spa Pedicure $92
Soften skin in a green tea bath soak with potent anti-oxidants and polyphenols, exfoliating dead skin cells with a special scrub. Replenishes moisture and enhances skin's immunity with a hydrating massage cream and therapeutic essential body oil over legs and feet.
Moisturizes and repairs cracks and calluses with a glycerin and urea-rich formula.
(Callus removal treatment & 20min foot massage)
China Silk Spa Pedicure $105
Amazing Ginseng therapy designed to stimulate circulation and purge toxin build-up. Dive into this Ginseng therapy with a real Ginseng root bath, Vetiver foot scrub, and foot massage. Massage will deeply penetrate heat on to various pressure points of your feet. This will help with arthritis and blood circulation that will leave you mellow. Top it off with a warm touch of a ginger wrap followed by perfect polish.
(Callus removal treatment & 25min foot massage)
Polish Change Toes Feet $20